We cater to dogs, cats, and a number of small animals (pocket sized hamsters, birds, fish, rats, rabbits, reptiles, etc.).

You name it we take care of them!

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting service provides your pets the joy of their normal routine of feeding, playtime, and exercise in the safety and comfort of your household. During  a short informational meeting at your home, we cover Auntie Devon’s policies and procedures and collect the necessary information concerning your pet(s) history and needs. We will do everything we can to provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that your pet(s) will receive the best of care.





Playtime (at home or dog park)

Waste pick up & disposal


Cats $35 per visit

Dogs $60 per visit


In-Home Overnight Sitting

With our In-Home Sitting your pet can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home while you’re away. Your sitter will come to your home in the early evening to feed, water, play and cuddle with your pet. The sitter will spend the night at your home and depart the next morning after approximately 12 hours of care. It’s just like you were home!





1 Pet – $100 per night

$5 per additional pet

*Additional $20 for holidays and religious observances.


1 Pet – $50 per day


Additional Services

We offer light home maintenance with our long term packages. Travel with assurance that your home & animals are being well taken care of . Our services include (but not limited to) collecting mail & packages, taking out trash/ recycling, watering plants and gardens and more. Contact us for details


Pet Med Administration

Have a special needs pet? Auntie Devon may be able to help out! We are experienced with giving oral meds or ointments. Depending on your location, we may also have a sitter who is trained to give insulin injections and subcutaneous fluid treatments.








$50-$60 per visit

(prices dependent on location)


Overnight In-Home visits

$5 per med administration


Dog Walking

Our dog walkers will take your dog on a 20-30 minute leashed walk in your neighborhood. We’ll make sure your dog gets out to stretch his legs, get some fresh air and does his business! Feeding and basic home care can be combined within the service time frame. Seasonal hours apply